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Many people look at save themselves a few dollars by managing their website development themselves. Coming from a project management background I have a few tips for you.  Start with the end in mind and you will make mistakes along the way so be prepared to make a number of iterations of your website over a period of time as something work better than others. Also, manage it like a project and come up with a plan and track it from the start to the end. Here is a link to a discount for which we utilise to manage our projects. is a great project management tool and will certainly help you manage and control the delivery of the project. 

WordPress is the standard website we build for small to medium sized companies. This includes ecommerce stores and service businesses.

Image resizing we utilise Tiny PNG to compress and increase load times - as the faster your website is the higher you rank and the better the user experience is for your customers.

Every have problems in identifying the exact colour in a logo or in a picture. This website Image Color Picker will give you the exact colour in HEX and RGB.

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